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Smart CH 2-3K 220VAC Power Inverter

  • Introduction: Wide 10-18 VDC Input Range
  • Built-in 50A AC Transfer Relay
  • Lithium Battery Support
  • Battery Equalization
  • Programmable
  • Surges to 2X continuous power for 5 seconds for motor loads
  • Dead Battery Charging Down to 0 Vdc

High Frequency Power Inverter Smart CH 2-3K 220VAC Car Inverter For Motorhome Use


TODAY, the SMART-CL inverter/charger is the most versatile and flexible AC power solution. It supports seamless integration with third-party monitoring and control systems. It also features a 100 amp (2000 W model) /150amp (3000 W model) battery charger and offers all of the configurable features of the REVO series inverter/charger in a compact, lightweight package. Additionally, it cranks out total output in invert or charge mode from -4°F (20°C)-104°F (40°C) for operation in all climate temperatures. The extended surge rating enables compressor loads such as an A/C or a fridge to start reliably.


  • Extended Surge Rating.
  • Surges to 2X continuous power for 5 seconds for motor Loads.
  • True Sine Wave AC Power.
  • Helpful for the operation of sensitive and motor Loads.
  • Ignition Control.
  • Feature to turn the inverter on/off via a 12 VDC signal and minimize battery drain by switching the inverter off when the ignition key is turned off.
  • Wide 10-18 VDC Input Range.
  • It ensures inverter operation on high voltage alternators found on many new vehicle chassis.
  • It features a programmable AC Under-Voltage (85-110VAC) Shutdown.
  • Feature ideal to operate under weak shore power or generator input.
  • Built-in 50A AC Transfer Relay.
  • It senses when outside AC Power is present and transfers the load from the inverter to the incoming power source.
  • Power Factor Corrected Multi-Stage.
  • Utilizes less shore power when charging the battery. That frees up more usable AC power for running electrical devices and appliances and reduces the likelihood of tripping shore power breakers.
  • Programmable.
  • Configurable 3 stage temperature compensated.
  • It has a battery charge algorithm for optimal charging of almost any battery type up to 18V.
  • Battery Equalization.
  • It maximizes flooded battery life.
  • Dead Battery Charging Down to 0 Vdc Power Share.
  • Prioritizes AC loads by reducing the charge current and maintaining the total input current to less than the breaker setting.
  • Lithium-Ion/Battery Support.
  • BMS Required. 

electrical specifications for inverter

electrical specifications for inverter


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