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48VDC MPPT Hybrid Solar Power System Telecom Base Station SHW48200

  • Hybrid Solar Power System for Telecom Towers 48VDC 10-200A Solar Power Systems
  • Application:
    • Many use it in a power plant or substation power to control, protect, and automatic devices, emergency lighting, communications, steam turbine DC oil pump, and independent DC systems.
    • It can provide a reliable power supply in the case of a power failure completely in a plant or substation.
    • The traditional DC systems connect the battery pack and run with float charging mode.
    • The new DC system runs with silicon controlled rectifying power supply for the battery.



  • Adopt advanced MCU microprocessor control technology.
  • Advanced MPPT Technology, High converting efficiency higher than 97% for minimizing energy loss.
  • Reversed current protection at night, over-voltage, and reverse polarity protection.
  • Capable of selecting different charging modes for various types of batteries.
  • Protection degree: IP55.
  • Industry-leading power density, compact size, and high reliability.
  • Doorframe designed with waterproof structure, posted on the seal, and equipped with a waterproof lock on the door.
  • Double insulation design.
  • Cabine adopts quality galvanized sheet or aluminum-coated steel sheet as material, surface coating anti-UV power.
  • This Hybrid Solar Power System is Suitable for outdoor installation.

Fine dust-proof, waterproof features, According to the overall standard of design, dust-proof and waterproof Ip55:

1. With sun protection, heat insulation, and roof ventilation.

2. With waterproof and the filtration dust inlet, the cabinet front door shutters.

Place of Origin
Brand Name
Model Number
DC/DC Converters
Output Current
0 ~ 200A
Output Frequency
45Hz ~ 65Hz
445(W) × 321 (D) × 221 (H)
Relative humidity
5%RH ~ 90%RH
≤ 3000m (derating is necessary)
AC input system
3-phase 5-wire
Rated input phase voltage
Line voltage 380Vac
Input voltage range
85Vac ~ 300Vac
Input AC voltage frequency
45Hz ~ 65Hz
Max. input current
≤ 55A (single phase)
Output DC voltage range
42Vdc ~ 58Vdc


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