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How To Install Solar Controller

We should pay attention to the following issues when installing solar controllers.  Today, inverter manufacturers will introduce these issues in detail.

  • First, the solar controller should be installed in a well-ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight and high temperature, and you should not install it where water can penetrate the solar controller.
  • Second, choose the correct screw to install the solar controller on the wall or other platform, screw M4 or M5. The screw cap diameter should be less than 10mm.
  • Third, please reserve enough space between the wall and the solar controller for cooling and connection sequence.
  • Fourth, the installation hole distance is 20-30A (178*178mm), 40A (80*185mm), and 50-60A (98*178mm), the diameter of the installation hole is 5mm.

solar controller

  • Fifth, for a better connection, all terminals are tightly connected when packaging; please loosen all terminals.
  • Sixth, First connect the positive and negative poles of the battery and the controller to avoid short circuits, first screw the battery to the controller, then connect the solar panel, and then connect the load.

If a short circuit occurs at the terminal of the solar controller, it will cause a fire or leakage, so you must be very careful. (We strongly recommend connecting the fuse on the battery side to 1.5 times the rated current of the controller), after the correct connection is successful. The LCD screen will display the solar panel with sufficient sunlight, and the arrow from the solar panel to the battery will light up. 

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